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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes contains a huge variety of characters in its roster, and these are the best to utilize from the Light side.
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, like most Star Wars games, splits its factions into Light Side and Dark Side. Some nodes are only accessible to units from certain factions, and so having units from both sides is important in order to progress the game.
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Light Side characters are comprised of the Galactic Republic, Old Republic, Rebels, Resistance, and Jedi. Some of these factions are more powerful than others, but all of them are more than enough to meet their Dark Side counterparts on the battlefield.  Leader or follower, all of these units are worth working towards, though some are more difficult than others to acquire.
Ezra Bridger first appeared in Star Wars: Rebels, and may seem like an odd choice as he’s not as powerful compared to other Light Side characters, but he is versatile and his shards are easy to collect. Ezra is indispensable in Phoenix Squad, who are necessary to unlock Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Artist of War Legendary Event.
Ezra is not only a vital member of Phoenix Squad, he’s also one of the only Phoenix units who are usable in other teams. Ezra is particularly valuable as an attacker in Jedi teams, and his Special ability, Flourish, removes enemy buffs, which is particularly useful for getting rid of those pesky enemy taunts.  Ezra shards can be acquired in the Cantina battles, which makes him vital for any player starting out.
Jolee is one of the few characters in SWGoH which don’t appear in Star Wars canon. Jolee appeared in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as a cranky gray Jedi. Despite KotOR not being a part of canon, the appearance of KotOR characters in SWGoH is a positive step towards the possibility of a third KotOR game.
Jolee is a healer, and is crucial to Jedi teams because of his ability That Looks Pretty Bad, which dispels all debuffs on a target ally and revives fallen Jedi allies. His other healing abilities accompany assists from other Jedi, which means he heals while also dealing damage. This makes him one of the most versatile healers in SWGoH.
The Mandalorian is a relatively new addition to GoH, and is one of the few Light Side Bounty Hunters. The Mandalorian is a powerful attacker, whose Payout grants him the ability Disintegrate. Disintegrate instantly defeats an enemy, and enemy units defeated this way can’t be revived.
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The Mandalorian’s Leader ability, Asset Acquisition, activates his Bounty Hunter allies’ Payouts and activates his Contract, which allows him to score critical hits against enemies 20 times while buffed. This makes The Mandalorian a powerful Leader who can clear enemy squads in no time. The Mandalorian is a great diversion from the typical Dark Side depictions of Bounty Hunters, and was received better by fans than the scoundrels in the Sims 4: Journey to Batuu game pack.
General Skywalker is a fierce leader who best synergies with  his Clone squadron, the 501st. General Skywalker’s leader ability, General of the 501st, gives the 501st unique buffs and abilities. The range of these abilities cover just about every situation, including if you want your squad to attack or defend. General Skywalker also uses two abilities per turn and deals out enough damage to decimate enemy forces.
General Skywalker is unlocked through the Epic Confrontation Clash on Kamino, which requires a variety of Galactic Republic and Separatist ships and units. This makes him difficult to unlock, but his power as a unit is well worth the effort.
As the hero of the sequel trilogy with an unexpected influence on the Star Wars video games, there are several versions of Rey in SWGoH. Rey (Jedi Training) is more powerful than Rey (Scavenger), but nowhere nearly as difficult to acquire as Galactic Legend Rey.
Rey (Jedi Training) is a Resistance Tank and Leader who manipulates buffs and debuffs to gain advantage over enemy squads on the battlefield. Her Special ability, Mind Trick, dispels buffs and Turn Meter, which can’t be resisted. This effect is amplified for each Resistance ally on her squad. Rey (Jedi Training) requires a high level Resistance team to complete her Hero’s Journey, which means you should already have a competent team for her to integrate into by the time she’s unlocked.
Obi-Wan Kenobi is a constant favorite amongst Star Wars fans. His appearance in Clone Wars is no different, and will even possibly feature in the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series. General Kenobi is a Jedi leader who also commands Galactic Republic and Clones with his passive and Leader abilities.
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General Kenobi is best utilized in teams of Jedi or Clones, and has synergy with Ahsoka Tano and Jedi Knight Anakin, who don’t suffer from damage penalties unlike other units. General Kenobi calls allies to assist when he attacks, and changes ally debuffs to buffs. As the commander of the 212th, his Leader ability grants Clone allies buffs. This makes him a great replacement for Shaak-Ti as the leader within a Clone squad. General Kenobi can only be obtained through Heroic Tank guild raids.
Commander Luke Skywalker represents the character from The Empire Strikes Back. Already a leader of the Rebels, Commander Luke Skywalker, though not a Jedi, has all the abilities of one.
Commander Luke Skywalker’s Leader ability, Rebel Maneuvers, focuses on increasing his Rebel allies’ defenses and chances to counter. His Special ability, Call to Action,  allows him to ignore taunting enemies, and increases damage and critical chance. Finally, Commander Luke Skywalker devastates enemy squads with powerful attacks which are supplemented with bonus buffs. Commander Luke Skywalker is unlocked through his Hero’s Journey, and requires all the main characters from A New Hope.
Yoda is one of those characters that everyone knows, and the character is more popular than ever thanks to his adorable counterpart in The Mandalorian. Grand Master Yoda is a Jedi unit who provides potent buffs to allies and deals massive damage to enemy squads. As a Jedi Master, he is also a leader. His leader ability, Grand Master’s Guidance, gives his Jedi allies a large range of buffs and resistances.
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Grand Master Yoda is also immune to shock while in the leader slot. His special ability, Battle Meditation, grants his buffs to all his allies, even non-Jedi. This makes Grand Master Yoda a flexible Light Side unit who can be integrated into  any team. His Legendary Event, Grand Master’s Training, is relatively easy to complete compared to the others. All that’s required to complete his event and collect enough shards to unlock him is five Jedi at seven stars.
Padmé is a Senator during the Clone Wars, and her diplomatic skills extend to the battlefield. Padmé is a fierce leader who inspires her allies, and works particularly well with Jedi or Clones. Every time she attacks her allies gain protection. This means her squad become increasingly difficult to defeat the longer she’s on the field.
As a leader, she grants her allies Courage, which increases their damage dealt by 40% of the enemy’s health. Padme’s addition creates a squad with impenetrable defenses and brutal attack, which makes her a worthy addition to any Light Side roster.
Jedi Knight Revan, like Jolee, appears in Legends rather than in Star Wars canon. Revan appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and was a renowned Jedi leader in the Republic’s war against the Mandalorians, and whose redemption eventually led to the rise of Sith Lords like Darth Nihilus. 
Jedi Knight Revan controls the tide of the battle and is equipped to take down enemies as fast as possible. Revan’s Special ability, Master Strategist, deals damage to all enemies and also heals all Jedi and Old Republic allies, while Direct Focus deals heavy damage, inflicts buff immunity, and stuns the target enemy. Finally, Jedi Knight Revan fits seamlessly into Jedi or Old Republic teams, which makes them more flexible than many other characters.
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