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TEMECULA, CA — Coronavirus has brought unique and unprecedented challenges to Temecula-area restaurants. Despite the hardships, two restaurants were still able to shine in the last year, earning a 2021 Restaurant Award from Wine Spectator magazine.
The annual Restaurant Awards honor excellence in restaurant wine lists, as well as those that have demonstrated passion and devoted extensive resources to creating outstanding wine programs. This year’s awards are featured in the Aug. 31 issue of Wine Spectator.
The list typically gives us a generous glimpse at the best spots in Temecula and the region.
More than 2,900 restaurants in 50 states and 72 countries and territories earned awards this year. The awards are given across three categories: Award of Excellence, Best of Award of Excellence and Grand Award.
The Grand Award is Wine Spectator’s most prestigious honor, given to the world’s most elite wine programs. Read profiles of all 100 current Grand Award winners.
Typically, recipients of the Grand Award offer at least 1,000 or more wine selections, showcasing “immense depth and breadth of regions, producers, vintages and bottle formats.” All Grand Award winners must also pass a rigorous inspection of their restaurants, including the wine cellars.
Three new restaurants won the Grand Award this year: Brennan’s in New Orleans, Le Bernardin in New York and SingleThread Farms in Healdsburg, California.
Check out the other restaurants in Temecula that earned nods for excellence this year:
See all winners of this year’s Wine Spectator awards.

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