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Black travel families are simply our favorites. There is nothing like experiencing the world with your loved ones, and capturing it all online? That is truly impressive work that deserves all the attention and all the claps. We created this article to celebrate and shed some light on some of our favorite travel families gracing social media.
This is a Travel Noire list to get you ready for the next family vacation to somewhere gorgeous, these families make it look too easy!
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Living free and abroad, this is a family that has amazed Travel Noire readers for a few years now. Having cleared their debt to travel the world, their family has expanded and so has their worldview. Currently in Mexico, they’re allowing their children to experience culture and find homes around the world. 
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This travel-loving family are no strangers to world exploration. Having wandered through Ghana, Belgium, Fort Lauderdale, and more. Working towards financial freedom and feeling their passion (traveling the world) is the vibe to expect from this family. 
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A traveling family and not without style. Entering their fifth year of full-time travel, the Trimble family has inspired many. Whether glamming it up in the Tanzanian streets or serving a full-blown show in front of the Eiffel Tower, this family truly knows how to live fully. 
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This digital nomad family left the U.S. to live around the world. Navigating the world of travel with two small children and a desire to explore… we’re already invested. What’s more, the O family share tips and the realities of their wanderings. They’re learning how to be a family of ‘true global citizens’. 
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We had to add the Hambrick family to the list. Creating itineraries that are kid-friendly and full of adventure, this family has encouraged many families to fly around the world together. Sharing a list of things to do, explore and enjoy – this family knows how to have fun abroad and with each other. 
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