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It’s not uncommon for Amazon Prime members to get some nice video game bonuses with the included subscription to Amazon Prime Gaming — but now players can expect some high-profile gifts. In the past, rewards have ranged from in-game items or currency to full-fledged title offerings, but now Amazon is partnering with an iconic publisher to shine a spotlight on some tantalizing upcoming offerings. 
While Amazon Prime Gaming has yet to carve out its own space as a major storefront in the industry in the way Steam or the Epic Games Store gave, the service still surprises players from time to time with useful benefits. Though players can frequently expect an exotic gun in “Destiny 2” or some new cosmetics for “Warframe,” the service has recently tried offering benefits with more substance — like this coming April’s offering of the critically praised classic “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” (per VGC). Now, a recent announcement from Amazon Prime Gaming has confirmed a partnership with Blizzard Entertainment. 
While players won’t be able to reap all of the advantages from this new collaboration until later on next month, those with an Amazon Prime membership can start taking advantage of some of the added benefits today. Here is everything coming to Amazon Prime Gaming in the wake of the newly announced Blizzard Entertainment collaboration.

In addition to the seven games that’ll be made free to Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers this April, fans of “Overwatch” and “Hearthstone” are in for a few additional treats. Both titles include systems where players can open Loot Boxes (“Overwatch”) or card packs (“Hearthstone”) for chances at new items — and an Amazon Prime Gaming membership will offer players even more chances to test their luck. 
In “Overwatch,” these random grab-bags of goodies contain cosmetic items like new skins, emotes, victory poses, sprays and other customizable options. Throughout April, players will be able to claim four Legendary loot boxes (guaranteed to include at least one Legendary cosmetic) and three standard loot boxes.
“Hearthstone,” on the other hand, is a deck-building card battler where every newly opened pack of cards has the chance to drop a powerful new addition to a player’s roster. Not only is Amazon Prime Gaming offering a total of three free card packs, but also four randomly generated Legendary quality cards.
Starting today, players can log on to the Amazon Prime Gaming webpage and start claiming their loot boxes or cards — but those who do should be sure to check back in to reap all the available rewards.


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