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Ash vs. Cynthia is a battle more than 13 years in the making.
We just got a new trailer for the Semi Finals of the Pokemon World Coronation Series. The showdown between Ash and Cynthia is one of the most highly anticipated battles ever. Ash spent the last three years working his way to the Masters Eight, he took down Steven with ease in the Quarter Finals, and now, after nearly 16 years, it’s finally time to see two master trainers duke it out. Check out the trailer below, which has some major spoilers for the upcoming battle.
We now have a pretty good idea about how the battle will start, and we can deduce a lot from the clips. The biggest surprise this will be a Full Battle, in other words, both trainers will use all six Pokemon. While it was assumed that the Finals would be a 6v6, a Full Battle in the Semi Finals is unexpected, though welcome, considering how long we’ve waited to see these two face off.
In the entire history of Pokemon, Ash has only participated in 13 Full Battles. He didn’t have a single one in Black & White, and he only had one, against Professor Kukui, in Sun & Moon. This will be Ash’s first Full Battle in the Journeys, AKA Sword & Shield, series.
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Most of Ash’s Full Battles have taken multiple episodes, and even the multi-episode battles still had one or two instant KOs, just to keep things moving. His battle with Professor Kukui lasted four full episodes and featured a mid-battle evolution – Torracat to Incineroar. It’s likely that his battle with Cynthia will stretch at least two episodes, if not more.
The other important details we get from the trailer is that Ash will not have a strong start. This is less surprising than the first detail, given how powerful Cynthia is known to be, but it does lead to some worry that Ash won’t make it to the finals. It seems all but certain that Ash is meant to win the WCS and finally become the Pokemon Master he’s always wanted to be, it isn’t a foregone conclusion. The showdown between Cynthia and Leon would be exciting too, if less narratively satisfying.
From the brief clips, we can see that Ash’s Dragonite will fight Cynthia’s Spiritomb, his Dracovish will fight her Roserade, Ash’s Pikachu and Lucario will fight Cynthia’s Togekiss, and Ash’s Sirfetch’d will fight Cynthia’s Milotic. By mid-match, Ash will have lost Gengar, Dragonite, and probably Pikachu, while Cynthia will have only lost Gastrodon.
Without Gengar and Pikachu, Ash won’t have any Gigantimax option. A quick close-up on his hand suggests that we’ll see Ash use Mega Lucario, which Cynthia will have to answer with Mega Garchomp. That still leaves a lot of room for surprises. We don’t know whether Sirfetch’d or Milotic will come out on top, or if Dracovish is able to take down Roserade. We also don’t know when Cynthia’s Lucario will come into play, or who it will go up against.
Cynthia has indicated that she plans to retire, so if Ash wins as expected this will likely be her final battle. Full 6v6 matches only happen for special occasions, and I can’t imagine a more special occasion than this. For a battle 16 years in the making, all signs suggest that Pokemon is pulling out all the stops for everyone’s favorite Sinnoh Champion.
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