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Players who purchased the card have received free gold in return
A new update to Blizzard’s popular online card game Hearthstone has drastically nerfed a card that was sold for £20 ($25) as recently as April.
The card in question is the diamond variant of Drek’Thar. Prior to the 23.2.2 patch, its battlecry could summon two minions from the player’s deck, but this has now been reduced to one, making it a much less lucrative card.
While this would typically be a cause for outrage, Blizzard has been extremely generous with compensating players who bought the card for its initial effect. Owners of the card will each receive 3,000 gold when they next log in to the game (which is the cost of the card in gold) and they also get to keep the card for free. Additionally, the card is eligible for a “dust refund”, which allows players to exchange the card for the in-game currency “arcane dust” with eligibility lasting for two weeks.

Hearthstone: Trial By Felfire. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Players who spent real money as opposed to gold on the card are unfortunately out of luck, even if the values are equitable. However, most players seem happy with Blizzard’s response, feeling that it was a fair compromise.
Multi-Strike and Dragonbane Shot have also received nerfs, with both of them also being eligible for dust refunds. Meanwhile, a total of 19 cards have received buffs, alongside a Hero change and numerous Minion changes.
Hearthstone was originally released in 2014, and is set within Blizzard’s iconic Warcraft universe, expanding on the pre-established lore and featuring familiar characters and relics from the franchise. The game has been a huge hit, with the registered player base totalling 100million by 2018. It is playable on PC, iOS, and Android.

In other news, Borderlands 3 is free to download for Epic Games Store users.
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