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Capcom has revealed in a press release that the Nintendo Switch timed-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise has now shipped over 7.5 million units. Considering that the Monster Hunter Rise PC release isn’t until January 2022, that is an impressive figure based on Switch copies alone. Capcom announced shortly after launch on 29th March, 2021 that the game had shipped four million units, so it has become quite clear that the game has been a success for both Capcom and Nintendo.
“Monster Hunter Rise, winner of the Grand Award, is a Monster Hunter title released in March 2021 for Nintendo Switch. The game was developed to provide a new, accessible Monster Hunter experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and with anyone. In addition to new monsters and locales, the game provides a completely fresh take on the hunting experience through a host of new, exhilarating hunting actions made possible with the Wirebug as well as with the debut of new “canyne” hunting partners called Palamutes, all of which garnered acclaim from players, resulting in shipments of more than 7.5 million units worldwide.”
That’s half of what World sold across 3 different platforms, pretty impressive indeed.
Great game. Liked World a lot more, but will buy this again for PC. Plz cross-save Capcom!
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