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In case you don’t already have Tetris ($1.99) on your iPhone, Apple is giving it away for free today in their Apple Store App (Free). It isn’t the first freebie they’ve offered, as they’ve given away various books from iBooks before, but it is one worth jumping through the few hoops to grab. Our sister site, MacRumors describes how to find it:
The Tetris offer can be accessed from individual store pages in the Apple Store app, which are found by tapping on the “Stores” button in the bottom toolbar. The free app is listed in the middle of the page, directly underneath the company’s “Love is in the Air” Valentine’s Day sale.
Here’s what you should be looking for:
Additionally, since Tetris gets added to your iTunes account forever once you complete this promotion, there’s not much reason to keep the Apple Store App on your device if you don’t want to. It is pretty handy though, particularly if you live near a busy Apple Store. The self check out functionality of the app is really worth checking out if so.


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