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Here’s how to upgrade the General Store in Pokemon Legends: Arceus to unlock even more items!
Located directly in front of Galaxy Hall, the General Store is a shop in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that provides you with all the basic necessities. Throughout the game, you will be able to complete a variety of requests to upgrade the stock of this store.
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In total, there are four requests involving Choy, the owner of the store, and Tao Hua. While completing these requests, you will get to know these villagers and learn about their life in the village. Let's take a look at the first request that you will complete for Choy in Jubilife Village.
The first request that you will come across is 'Getting Ahold of New Wares', which is request 23. This request will become available after you defeat Kleavor for the first time in the Obsidian Fieldlands.
Once you have defeated Kleavor, head to Jubilife Village and speak with Choy. Here, he will tell you that he is struggling to sell new items, but that Tao Hua can help him.
Your task is to convince Tao Hua to help, who can be found in the basement of Galaxy Hall. Head here and speak with Tao Hua, who will task you with gathering three Hearty Grains.
Hearty Grains are an ingredient that can be found in the Crimson Mirelands, typically around swamps. By throwing a Pokemon at a haystack, you may also have a chance to find this item. You should be able to find Hearty Grains close to the entrance area of the Crimson Mirelands.
With the Hearty Grains in hand, give them to Tao Hua, and then return to Choy to complete this quest.
As a reward, the following new items will be available at the General Store.
After defeating Lilligant in the Crimson Mirelands and finishing request 23, you can accept 'More New Wares' from Choy. This is request 43 and involves retrieving more items for Tao Hua.
After speaking with Choy to accept request 43, head to Tao Hua, who will still be in the basement of Galaxy Hall. This time, he will tell you to gather three Pod Pops.
Pod Pops are little red veggies that can be found around the coastline in the Cobalt Coastlands. To quickly find a Pod Pop, search the beach of Gingko Landing, as well as the shores in Sand's Reach.
After gathering three Pod Pops, give them to Tao Hua, and then speak with Choy to complete the request.
As a reward for completing this request, the following items will now be available at the General Store.
'Even More Wares' is request 61, which tasks you with helping Choy once again. This request will unlock after you finish request 43 and defeat Arcanine.
As usual, speak with Choy and then head to Tao Hua, who wants you to gather three Crunchy Salt.
Crunchy Salt can be purchased from Anvin in Jubilife Village. This is a merchant that sells a variety of crafting items.
Crunchy Salt can also be found on cliffs in Coronet Highlands. As you explore the cliffs with Sneasel, you will see pink rocks; this is Crunchy Salt that can be picked up.
After gathering three Crunchy Salt, return to the village, visit Tao Hua, and speak with Choy.
As a reward for completing this request, the following items will be available at the General Store.
This is the final time that Choy need will ask for your help.' New Wares Yet Again' is request 71, which unlocks after defeating Avalugg and completing request 61.
Speak with Choy one last time, who will direct you to Tao Hua. This time, Tao Hua wants you to gather three Sand Radishes.
Sand Radishes can be found at the Heart's Crag area in the Alabaster Icelands.
After gathering three Sand Radishes, head back to Jubilife Village and hand them over to Toa Hua. Speak with Choy and watch a short cutscene involving the two, as well as Choy's wife, Yui.
After completing this final request, the following items will be available to purchase from the General Store.
Once all four requests are complete, the General Store will be fully upgraded and have a slightly different appearance. Now that you have all the items unlocked, purchase some and then head out to complete some research tasks!
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