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It’s one of the most nefarious and least acknowledged reasons for failure. So what can you do about it?
You’ve got great writers. You have a reputable brand. You spend time, money and effort on your content strategy. So why aren’t all those efforts paying off?
There are many reasons why fail to see a positive (ROI). But one of the most nefarious culprits is also one of the least acknowledged: inconsistency.
Why is inconsistency such a content marketing poison and what can your do about it?
We all know that content marketing is valuable. If used properly, your content can be an engine for developing a better brand reputation, more visibility and even better customer relationships. How does inconsistency get in your way?
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Content consistency comes in many forms. What exactly do we mean when we refer to inconsistency in a content marketing campaign?
We’re referring to inconsistency across a variety of different areas, including:
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Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to correct your content marketing inconsistencies and develop a better strategy overall.
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Emily Rella
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