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There are plenty of workout classes available online, however working out by yourself while following along with a YouTube video just isn’t the same as working out with a live instructor or workout buddies. Firstly, it can be hard to motivate yourself and there is much more temptation to cheat yourself, are you really going to hold that plank for one minute if no one is watching? 
In a time when we are also increasingly being forced to become more isolated from each other, a live online fitness class is a great way to still feel part of a community. Luckily, there are plenty of online fitness classes available from some of Beijing’s best fitness groups and instructors.
For anyone who loves a good dance workout, then Jindafit is definitely the right choice. If you haven’t heard of it before, Jindafit is a full body afrobeats dance workout based on African moves and rhythms. Their group fitness classes combine high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with dynamic moves to boost your metabolic rate while having fun. They are currently offering online classes via Zoom every day of the week. A one hour online classes with Jindafit founder led by creator D’Jack are RMB 109, while classes with other instructors run at RMB 50.

This Beijing-based Yoga Studio is offering a whole range of different online yoga classes throughout the week. Since yoga is good for both physial and mental health, these online classes are a great choice for anyone struggling a bit in these uncertain times. They are also offering an amazing deal of one whole month of online yoga classes for only RMB 400! Follow the studio on WeChat (just search the name) for weekly updates.

Former Beijing resident and Pilates instructor Alona Voselena is currently living in Boracay after being stuck out of China due to the pandemic. However, despite this she has continued running her Pilates studio from abroad offering a variety of online Pilates classes. Prices vary depending on the classes and packages, you can scan the QR code in the poster below to add Alona and find out more.

A staple of the Beijing fitness community, F45 have also brought their high intensity interval training programs online. You can sign up for the classes through their WeChat group (scan the QR code in the poster below). They have three classes per day on weekdays at 8.15am, 12.15pm and 7.15pm, as well as two weekend classes at 11am and 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. . All classes are RMB 25, and a new schedule will be sent out every Saturday in the members’ WeChat group. Classes are run on Tencent Meetings.

Spanish dancer and choreographer Shona is offering a range of different online dance and fitness classes for both kids and adults. Course offerings currently include rumba flamenca, modern dance, and family hip hop dance classes online. Dance classes start at RMB 80 for one and are discounted for the more you buy, and daily morning fitness classes are RMB 35 for one or seven days for RMB 120. 

Beijing-based trainer Wendy Jia is offering up regular livestreamed workouts on her WeChat channel (search Wendy贾影荻 Jiǎ yǐng dí). These are especially great for anyone on a budget because they are completely free!

Group fitness instructor Diva has a whole range of different workout videos available on her WeChat channel (FitnessWithDiva). Many of her workout videos are targeted exercises that focus on a certain area which is great if you have a specific body part you want to work on. She also offers a variety of workout program packages such as a two-week program for RMB 208. 

Lulu Ye used to teach burlesque in Beijing, but has now relocated to Shanghai. Luckily for Beijing residents, though, you can still experience classes with her through a variety of online workout on her WeChat channel (search for lulukelele). 

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Images: Courtesy of the instructors and fitness studios, Unsplash Jonathan Borba


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