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LinkedIn shares an updated list of the top 20 skills employers are looking for right now.
LinkedIn publishes a new report on the most in-demand skills based on analyzing job postings. The top 20 skills are featured in 78% of postings.
Data in the report was compiled over the past three months and compared with the top skills professionals had in 2015.
LinkedIn finds that job skill sets have changed by around 25% since 2015 and are expected to change by 41% by 2025.
Digital marketing is high on the list of most in-demand skills. Social media marketing made the list too.
The list is separated into hard skills and soft skills, with hard skills making up over half the list.
To help people build up these in-demand skills, LinkedIn is making several premium courses free for the month of September.
Learning in-demand skills can help ensure your access to new job opportunities and help you future-proof your career
Further, to make it easier for skilled professionals to find jobs, LinkedIn updates search results to surface job listings that are more relevant to a user’s skill set.
Here’s more information about all the updates LinkedIn announced today, along with highlights from the report on in-demand skills.
These are the top 20 in-demand skills right now, ranked in order based on what employers are looking for in LinkedIn job postings:
LinkedIn provides additional lists of top skills separated by areas of expertise. I’ll highlight the top marketing skills here, but there are also lists for project management, IT, engineering, finance/accounting, and sales.
The top 10 skills for marketing professionals changed by 50% since 2015, LinkedIn notes.
These are the top 10 marketing skills today:
LinkedIn compares the top 10 marketing skills employers are looking for today with the top trending marketing skills in 2015.
It’s interesting to see that SEO went from not making the list at all to being the third-most in-demand marketing skill.
For marketers looking to acquire or enhance any of the above skills, LinkedIn is making 10 related courses free until September 30.
You can access any of the following courses on LinkedIn between now and the end of the month, though it costs extra to take the final exam and receive a digital certificate.
LinkedIn is rolling out two new updates to help users find their next job.
When you search for jobs on LinkedIn, the site will now match you with roles based on how your skills compare with those listed in the job description.
To help make it easier to reach out and make an introduction, LinkedIn now shows you who is hiring in your first and second-degree network when you visit the LinkedIn Jobs tab.
Additionally, LinkedIn will notify you about positions people in your network are hiring for, giving you the first chance to apply.
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