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Another year, another Madden.
This year’s iteration of the game promises to be one of the more intriguing drops in the series’ recent history. With namesake John Madden adorning the cover and a host of new features set to be included in the game, there’s real hope that Madden 23 can appease fans’ voracious thirst for a quality football simulation.
You can’t talk about Madden without mentioning the game’s soundtrack, though. While it’s going to be hard to match the dulcet tones of Madden 06, Madden 07 and Madden 08, it’s always an interesting phenomenon to see what sounds will be greeting players as they venture from menu to menu.
This year’s game features more than 30 songs on the track list, with heavy hitters Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Nas and Tyler, the Creator all slated to be included. It’s not quite as dense as last year’s track list — Madden 22 had more than 50 songs — but it’s certainly enough to grab gamers’ attention … at least until they press the mute button.
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Without further ado, here is the Madden 23 soundtrack, in addition to a partial playlist for the game.
The Madden 23 soundtrack features 39 songs, although there are an additional 12 copyright-free tracks curated specifically for streamers to use without fear of receiving a copyright strike.
Madden’s soundtrack features music from a host of sources; from Kendrick Lamar’s much-discussed latest project to the critically acclaimed Nigo album, there’s a real diversity of musical talent included in this year’s game.
Here is the full list of songs included in Madden 23:
EA Sports hasn’t released its official Madden 23 soundtrack on streaming platforms yet. However, this fan-made playlist features 19 of the 39 tracks.


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