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Crystal Dynamics’ latest developer stream showcases five of Marvel’s Avengers’ cosmetics for Spider-Man with comic inspirations and original designs.
Marvel's Avengers' official Spider-Man reveal was met with community acclaim and an outpouring of admiration for the character's new costume design. Now, Marvel's Avengers' Spider-Man Hero Event, With Great Power, is well underway to launch this month.
Crystal Dynamics has teased that there is a great number of skin cosmetics for Spider-Man, not dissimilar to every other Marvel's Avengers character, but players finally have a look at what is in store for some of the web-slinger's purchasable outfits.
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Crystal Dynamics has shared first looks at some of the Spider-Man skin cosmetics that players can look forward to, starting with another look at Marvel's Avengers' original default design for Spider-Man's iconic suit. Crystal Dynamics' ambition with the design was admittedly to retain the character's iconography whilst modernizing it to appropriately suit Marvel's Avengers' established character roster. But as fans have been itching for optional skins to be revealed, Crystal Dynamics had six to share in today both in-and-out of its livestream.
The first Marketplace cosmetic for Spider-Man that players have been shown is the Classic suit, inspired by Steve Ditko's traditional design from the 60s. Perhaps the most seminal of all Spider-Man costumes, Ditko's work provided a foundational base for suit iterations henceforth. Marvel's Avengers' cosmetic showcases that inspiration on its sleeve, but Crystal Dynamics also wishes to share cosmetics that are a bit more obscure in Spider-Man lore.
The next cosmetic shown was the reflective, black-and-chrome Mark 1 armor plating suitable for its influential comic book name, Spider-Armor. Another armor-based Spider-Man outfit was also revealed in the red-and-black Mark 3 armor, popularized from The Amazing Spider-Man's Ends of the Earth comic book arc.
The Bugle Boy cosmetic is another Marvel's Avengers original design, this time showcasing Peter Parker's casual attire as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, but with his mask donned and web shooters equipped in order to thwart nearby crime in a pinch. The developer stream claimed that this was the final outfit that would be shown.
However, while listening to eager fans in the chat, Crystal Dynamics either caved or deliberately planned to show off another Spider-Man skin cosmetic—the Spider-Man Noir outfit, complete with a trenchcoat that the developers praise for its apparent fidelity in gameplay. The developer stream continued to talk about other Marvel's Avengers matters, but a recent blog post for the design influences in Spider-Man's cosmetics has revealed one final suit, the Secret War suit, based upon the limited series comic arc of the same name.
Marvel's Avengers' War Table deep-dive will center on Spider-Man's gameplay and abilities a day before the character is released on November 30, so fans can look forward to more information about Spider-Man at the end of the month.
Marvel’s Avengers is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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