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Luciano Santos got all three deadlifts approved during the meet.
Ana Reyes lifted the most weight in the deadlift competition — 175 kilograms (386 pounds).
Nicolas Caicedo lifted 190 kilograms (418 pounds) on his last squat attempt.

Raw Junior 69
First: Alyssa Dellutri
Second: Zoey Rojas
Third Place: Valeri Braggs
Raw Junior 66
First: Matthew Trinh-Pham
Second: Frederick Licari
Raw Junior 74
First: Raymond Wong
Second: Nicolas Caicedo
Third: Luciano Santos
Raw Open 74
First: Walker Gibson
Second: Collin Jones
Raw Junior 83
First: Justo Arzu
Second: Nathaniel Neill
Third: Brett Tanguay
Raw Open 83
First: Christopher Morehouse
Second: Michael Giorgi
Raw Sub-Junior 93
First: Gilberto Peguero
Second: Anthony Lawrence
Raw Open 93
First: John Bermudez
Second: Cameron Tanguay
Third: Ryan Allen
Raw Open 105
First: Alec Ellerth
Second: Javier Alpizar
Third: Jose Gamez
Mili’s Gym hosted its first Orange County Classic Powerlifting meet Saturday, June 4. 
Athletes from throughout Florida, including from as far away as Gainesville and Coral Springs, attended the meet, which consisted of two sessions.
“All the lifters seem to have enjoyed themselves,” said Mili’s Gym owner and event organizer Adam Militello. “We stayed on schedule, which is always a good thing.”
Powerlifting competitions consist of three main lifts— squat, bench press and deadlift. Contrary to weightlifting movements, powerlifting sequences are performed in a slower tempo, because the weight being carried is heavy. 
University of Florida rising senior Alyssa Dellutri, 21, competed at the meet and earned the trophy for Overall Women Best Lifter.
“I feel really good; I wasn’t really expecting this,” she said. “It’s really cool to have gotten it. I’m really excited for what’s to come. I kept it semi-conservative today. I’m doing states in December, so I want to spend this six, seven months just building and see what I can do then.”
As part of the Women’s Raw Junior 69 category, Dellutri was able to squat a high of 125 kilograms (275.5 pounds), bench press 67.5 kilograms (148.8 pounds) and deadlift 160 kilograms (352.73 pounds). 
“Deadlifts are my favorite lifts, because I am good at them,” she said. “I feel like I can push myself the most in them; it feels the most comfortable for me. It was the only lift I didn’t feel nervous about. For the squats, I was so nervous; for the bench, my arms were like noodles, but for deadlift, I was like, ‘I got this.’”
Raymond Wong, 20, earned first place in the Men’s Raw Junior 74 category after squatting a high of 185 kilograms (407.8 pounds), bench pressing a high of 137.5 kilograms (303.1 pounds) and deadlifting a high of 230 kilograms (507 pounds). 
“It’s very cool to see all my hard work being shown on the platform, because hard work and dedication mean a lot to me,” he said. “I was pretty confident, my coach always tells me to be confident, I knew I had it in the bag.” 
Nicolas Caicedo, 21, and Dellutri’s boyfriend, was the one who introduced her to the sport. He placed second in his category. 
“I’m very happy about (getting second place),” he said. “But it’s more motivation to get first next time.” 
Militello hopes to continue to host the Orange County Classic Powerlifting meet for years to come.
“I am very proud of the event staff, the meet workers and referees, because it takes a lot to put an event like this together,” he said. “From loading, spotting, concessions, admissions, judging, it’s a lot of work. I just hope the athletes were able to benefit from all the good coordination.” 


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