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The Minecraft and Swedish ice cream company Nick’s are fighting for an official Minecraft ice cream. The collaboration consists of four different flavors: Emerald Minta, Cafe Blocka, Peanot Choklad Glowdust and Enchanted Apple Pie. The company is available today for $9.99 per pint for individuals to order online. The limited edition ice cream collection is made out of printed cardboard, which is inspired by the popular video game, and it shows how the pints are placed on square containers rather than the usual round ones of Nick.
“Nick’s and Minecraft celebrate the ideal world,” says the official website of the new ice cream store. “Ja, a world without your favorite sweets. Leave over fatty foods. Just like you, you can save a lot of time, for some peanot butter cups, sweet sweets and juicy apple pie.
The first Minecraft ice cream!
Minecraft (@Minecraft) September 13, 2022.
The collaboration between Minecraft and Nick was announced last week. However, the pints are now for sale to anyone who ors them online. Here are the three flavors from Nick’s: the Minecraft ice cream mug – they include a few details.
As mentioned above, the four different MinecraftNick’s ice creams – Emerald Minta, Cafe Blocka, Peanot Choklad Glowdust, and Enchanted Apple Pie – are now available to order from Nick’s website for 9.99 dollars a pint. As withMinecraftitself, the popular video game is mainly available on every platform. If you have a console, a computer or even a phone, you have access to playingMinecraft in a way or another. You can take a look at all of our previous coverage of the game here from the developer Mojang Studios.
What do you think of the Minecraft ice cream from Nick’s? Are there any flavors you like to try, but aren’t you in particular?
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