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Earlier this year, Pokémon Shuffle released on 3DS and Chris Carter handed out some tips for success in the free-to-play match-three puzzler, despite the fact that he didn’t care much for it. He’s so magnanimous.
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile launched a couple weeks ago, so now an whole new set of players are jumping into it. However, with certain changes in the mobile port, most notably the bumped up item prices, some of the advice could use an update. Not only that, but it can certainly be expounded upon. Let’s diglett deeper into the strategy.

First things first: the time-sensitive stuff
If you read nothing else of this guide, this is what you should take away.
The game explains the basics of making matches, but leaves a lot of nuance for the player to discover.
Short descriptions of abilities are given, but some could use more explicit explanation.
The Pokémon Shuffle type chart follows the X/Y type chart. Here are some important notes.

Mega evolutions
Mega evolutions are a big part of Pokémon Shuffle, but strategy is key.
In general, you won’t want to grind, but here are some tips for when you should.
You can still play Pokémon Shuffle Mobile without spending a dime, but you’ll have to be smart about it.
So there you have it. Now that I have this all written out, it might not really be a set of “Quick Tips,” but you should now be better prepared to take on the addiction that is Pokémon Shuffle. Good luck!
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