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By ComicBook.com Staff
A long time ago, the team at Aquiris Game Studio set out to recreate the classic feeling of classic arcade racing games, like OutRun and Sega Rally, with its newest effort, Horizon Chase. The game made its way to mobile, but for some odd reason, the PlayStation 4 version disappeared for a while there. Thankfully, it resurfaced in the form of Horizon Chase Turbo late last year, getting people excited again to hit the road with their retro-based tires.
And good news — it’s almost here! The team confirmed on Twitter today that Horizon Chase Turbo would be making its way to PlayStation 4 and PC next month, with a release to follow later on down the road (no pun intended) for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.
“Happy to announce that #HorizonChase Turbo will launch on 15th of May for #PS4 and #PC/#Linux/#Mac. #XBOXONE and #NintendoSwitch versions will be coming this year!” the team noted. You can see the tweet below, along with a snippet of what kind of racing fun awaits you in a brief trailer.
Happy to announce that #HorizonChase Turbo will launch on 15th of May on #PS4 and #PC/#Linux/#Mac. #XBOXOne and #NintendoSwitch versions will be coming this year!@Playstation Store: https://t.co/86jfDC5CMc#SteamGames: https://t.co/91dAVBX7PO#indiedev #retrogaming #playstation4 pic.twitter.com/yu1jhaTOlo
This game has been making the rounds at a few expos since its return, including PAX East in Boston, where we were able to get our hands on it. It definitely feels like an old-school racer through and through, right down to collecting fuel, bumping cars off the road and using your turbo boost at the most opportune times, in the hopes of scoring a first place victory and moving on to the next circuit somewhere around the world.
A price point hasn’t been given yet, but we estimate that the game will be somewhere between $10 and $15, just the right price for those of you that want to get behind the wheel of an 80’s style racer.
We’ll keep you up to date on any new information that surfaces about the game, but if you’re the type of person that ran through OutRun from start to finish, this is definitely the roadster for you.
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