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If you’re looking for the One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz answers then look no further, here’s everything Zoner has in store for you
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During your travels in Memoria, you’ll eventually come across a young pink-haired goal called Zoner. Zoner is trivia enthusiast whose goal is to spread trivia across the world. Naturally, she tries to get the Straw Hats on board with her campaign, and you’re going to need the One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz answers to conquer her challenges.
Not only does completing all of the quizzes throughout Memoria yield progress towards some of Odyssey’s trophies, but finishing the final challenge yields the One Piece Odyssey Treasure Key location – an important step in unlocking all of the One Piece Odyssey locked treasure chests. For more Odyssey guides, be sure to check out our One Piece Odyssey walkthrough. For now, though, let’s get into the solutions.
Below you’ll find the One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz answers for each of the four iterations of it you’ll come across in Memoria.
We first meet Quiz Researcher Zoner at the Sandy Oasis in Alabasta.
“It’s the trivia age”, she tells the Straw Hats enthusiastically. “I want to make the greatest trivia challenge the world has ever seen!”
Upon completing Level 3, you’ll receive the Quiz Researcher’s Badge Accessory, as well as 300 Bellies.
After clearing the main story quest in Water Seven, Zoner can be found once more in the Water Seven City Area. Despite now being a full-grown woman, her fervour for the trivia age hasn’t waned.
Zoner can be found in the northwest corner of Dock One, directly north of the Save Point. That’s it, that’s the level. For your trouble (if you can call it that), you’ll receive the Quiz Researcher’s Ring accessory and 24,000 Berries.
Once you’ve finished up in Marineford, a much more mature Zoner will be awaiting your return in South Town, Marineford City Area.
Zoner awaits you in “the plaza where a sacred key to a battleship rests”. Upon arriving in the Ox Bell Plaza, you’ll find Zoner is under attack from escaped prisoners. Defeat them to receive your reward, which includes the Quiz Researcher’s Necklace accessory, three Zoro’s Cube Fragments, and 126,000 Berries.
After liberating Dressrosa, you come across an old, pink-haired man in the Dressrosa City Area. It appears that Zoner has transitioned, much to the Straw Hats’ surprise…
Before Level 3 can begin, the other Zoners from Water Seven – much to Sanji’s joy – and Marineford appear. As it transpires, the Zoners are just a family of trivia nerds. But wait, the Alabasta Zoner’s missing – she’s been kidnapped.
Head to the south of the Coliseum and teach her captors a lesson – a trivial matter for any budding Pirate King – and you’ll finally complete the quest line, yielding that all-important Treasure Chest Key, three Luffy’s Cube Fragments, and 74,000 Berries.
And those are all the One Piece Odyssey Grand Line Quiz answers. Once you’re done with One Piece Odyssey, why not check out the best PS5 RPG games or the best Xbox RPG games to find your next role-playing extravaganza.
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