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The GTA series has reached a legendary status of sorts as it grows larger. New fans experience the games each day. Even the Expanded and Enhanced launch on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S saw many new players join the ranks. However, not all gamers are armed with a controller or keyboard and mouse.
Some warriors prefer to game on the go. For them, the Grand Theft Auto series has been made available on Android. This article ranks the games available on the platform.
GTA Liberty City Stories was initially launched exclusively for the PlayStation Portable, but in time, it made its way over to Android. The game acts as a prequel to Grand Theft Auto 3 and features many known characters.
The protagonist in this hand-held version is the infamous Toni Cipriani. The story is set in Rockstar’s version of New York, known as Liberty City, as the name suggests. The massive success of this game made way for a prequel to the next game in the series.
Chinatown Wars was probably one of the GTA games made with hand-held devices kept in mind. The game was first launched for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable in 2009. 2014 was the year when it received a port over to Android.
The game features a top-down view and makes things easier on hand-held devices. Gamers portray young Triad Huang Lee as he uncovers the secrets behind his father’s death. The game is a truly open world as players can do anything, and earning money is a big part of the game.
A top 5 list of GTA games could never leave Claude’s saga out of it. Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first game from Rockstar in the new millennium. Watching this game today, on whatever platform, may not appeal to younger viewers as it lacks the graphical technology of today.
The main seller for this game is the story. It has one of the best narratives, and gamers can enjoy it even today.
Suppose Claude deserves a place on the list, then so does Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson from GTA San Andreas. OG gamers still go back to play this game even today. Thanks to Rockstar, they have a remaster.
Well, Android gamers do not need to experience FOMO as this is on their platform as well. This is one of the best written Grand Theft Auto games among all of them. San Andreas brought with it many new features and customizations.
Vice City is still the undisputed king, be it PC, console, or Android. Rockstar nailed it with this one. The Miami setting feels suitable for the Vice City story. The best part about the game on Android is that it mirrors the PC version. The graphics, missions, activities, and story are all the same.
Vice City (location) is also quite famous as gamers want it to be remade for GTA 6.
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