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SKEMA Business School USA is proud to announce that Hélène Cherrier, award-winning professor in marketing will continue her teaching and research this Fall in the United States.
“My many years teaching at the SKEMA Sophia Antipolis campus in France and now here in the U.S. will greatly benefit the student’s overall learning experience,” said Cherrier. “I’m excited to be joining the top tier faculty and staff and working with our domestic and international students.”
"Hélène brings research expertise, a rich academic background and fresh ideas that will undoubtedly advance this campus,” said Mohamed A. Desoky, Associate Dean of Academic Programs for the SKEMA Business School – U.S. Campus. “We are excited to support her as she strives to make an impact through her teaching, research and outreach efforts.”
Her courses for the Fall include Marketing strategy and understanding the elusive consumer.
Among the faculty of the SKEMA Business School, Cherrier is ranked number three on the top ten list of best scientists. Cherrier has previously worked at several internationally renowned institutions including RMIT, Griffith University, the American University of Dubai, LUISS University, Sydney University and Westminster University. While she worked toward her Ph.D. at the University of Arkansas, Cherrier focused on voluntary simplicity and consumer identity.
Cherrier’s research is motivated by theoretical questions concerning the role market constituents play in the creation of non-traditional identities and large-scale social transformations, and how the material world helps shape society. Cherrier empirically pursues these questions exploring anti-consumption, sharing, simple living, homelessness, home-free living, social nudism, and zero-waste lifestyles using qualitative and historical research methods.
Cherrier holds an impressive five degrees with her most recent being completed in 2021. She has earned a B.B.A., M.B.A., D.E.A., Ph.D. in Philosophy and an H.D.R. In France, the Habilitation à diriger des recherches or H.D.R. is the highest national diploma of Higher Education. Almost all of her higher education emphasis features a specific emphasis on marketing.
Her passion for her field coupled with years of education and experience has led to a long list of well-deserved awards and grants. Such accomplishments include being awarded the best overall paper at the Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behavior Conference in Helsinki, Finland, and several ACR, EFM and ADEME grants awarded over the past decade.
Cherrier has also co-edited a book on downshifting, and another on anti-consumption. Her research has been published in top-tier journals including the Journal of Consumer Research; Journal of Business Research; Journal of Public Policy & Marketing; Consumption, Markets and Culture; Journal of Marketing Management, and Journal of Consumer Affairs.
About SKEMA Business School
With 9,500 students of 120+ nationalities and 50,000 graduates across 145 countries, SKEMA Business School is a global school which, through its research, its 70+ teaching programs and its international multi-site structure, trains and educates the talents needed by 21st century companies. The school is now present in six countries: three campuses in France (Lille, Sophia Antipolis, Paris), three in China (Suzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing), one in the United States (Raleigh), one in Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and one in South Africa (Stellenbosch – Cape Town), as well as a resource and Artificial Intelligence research centre in Montreal, Canada.
The Faculty counts 180 professors divided into three academies (Globalisation, Innovation, Digitalisation). The Research department has five centres that represent the main aspects of management.
SKEMA’s incubator-accelerator, SKEMA Ventures, counts over 200 incubated projects. SKEMA boasts multiple accreditations — Equis, AACSB and EFMD Accredited EMBA. Its programs are recognized in France (Visa, Grade de Licence, Grade de Master, RNCP, CGE label), the USA (Licensing), Brazil (Certificação), and China (Recognised by the Ministry of Education). Follow us on Twitter: @SKEMA_BS.
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