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David Piercy is seen directing a video/photoshoot in Wimberley, Texas.
Piercy directed a video/photoshoot in Wimberley, Texas.
Piercy is seen directing a video/photoshoot on a construction site in Fort Wayne.
David Piercy directing a video/photoshoot on a construction site in Fort Wayne, IN

David Piercy is seen directing a video/photoshoot in Wimberley, Texas.
Piercy directed a video/photoshoot in Wimberley, Texas.
Piercy is seen directing a video/photoshoot on a construction site in Fort Wayne.
David Piercy directing a video/photoshoot on a construction site in Fort Wayne, IN
You returned to American Landmaster in June after previously working there from 2017–late 2021 to explore a new venture. What was the venture and what did you learn?
I went to work for a local marketing agency in more of an operations role. One of the biggest things I learned is to not try to do everything on your own. I can be very particular with certain things and tend to want to do it on my own. This causes a lot of issues:
1. I am not helping others grow to their fullest potential and challenge them in new ways.
2. It puts a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to get it done on time.
3. It is not best for the company and will slow down growth.
Businesses need people and processes to run efficiently. So by slowing down and either creating a plan or training other employees to do the work, it lightens my load to focus on bigger agenda items, it helps others to learn and grow, and ultimately is best for the business.
Another thing I learned is get up from behind your desk and talk to others. Get their ideas, thoughts, opinions, frustrations, etc. Both for personal and work. If you can’t figure out something on your own, get the right people together to help you make a decision.
Lastly, when looking for a job, always follow your heart and your passion. Don’t settle for something just because it’s a job. And don’t jump to a job just for the money, location, or the environment. We all have talents, and passions that the world needs. I believe to feel truly feel fulfilled in life we have to be aligning our passions with our purpose. Help others by utilizing our passion. That is the key.
You look like you’re having fun during a photo shoot in Texas. Tell us what your role was and what you had to do.
My role in this project was to source a photographer that could capture our product the way I had envisioned and could work at our pace. I also had several other duties including coordinating the schedules, talent, attire, and vehicles. On set, my role was to direct what types of shots we needed (location, application-type, attire, etc.), when we were going to shoot certain scenes, and … my favorite, fly the drone to get cinematic video footage.
What goes into a campaign for, say, a new product?
There are a lot of steps that go into a new product launch for a vehicle. Depending on the type of model launch it can be a basic new model launch such as new colors, accessories, graphics, small new features, etc., or it can be major model change like new engines, vehicle design, chassis changes, new major components, electrical. As a marketing leader you have to be able to work with several departments to coordinate the launch effectively. In the beginning there is a lot of market research being done, then engineering starts designing and prototyping. While that is happening, marketing is working on the visuals of the such as decals, colors, etc. We are also working on the branding, imagery, video, brochures, feature and benefit info, sales training material, dealer training material, dealer displays, product launch event planning, web material and more to get ready for the launch.
After the marketing material is created, we first train all our employees on the new product. It’s important to ensure everyone internally is aware of what is going on before we launch it out into the world. After our employees are trained, we then have a dealer event and training seminar that brings in dealers, suppliers, and media to communicate the launch and train them on any new information.
At some point during all this, engineering puts the new product through a series of robust testing on site and offsite with third-party, world-class testing centers. After the product is validated and tested, some changes may occur, but ultimately the next step is for engineering to work with the production team to ensure the factory can build the vehicle to the engineering’s standards. We will have alpha and beta builds to test the production line process and make any adjustments. Then we are ready to build the vehicles.
Do you have to do a lot of product research?
Typically, we will do a lot of product research to understand if our ideas are even worth executing. We want to make sure that there is an entry point in the market for our product. If it is too saturated with other competitors or there is potential consumers willing to buy a product in a certain space, then those are concerns we address.
Not only are we research the market, but we also perform a lot of surveys with customers and dealers. These are fun because we get to understand what our customers and dealers are interested in buying and what features /designs they want the most.
We move pretty quick sometimes, so there are certain larger projects that require market research, but other times you have to make a decision internally with others and move forward.
What skills are needed to do what you do?
I believe in marketing nowadays you have to be very flexible and diverse in your skill set. You need to know analytics, market research, strategy, sales strategy, design, branding, digital, social media, email marketing, and be a good communicator. In addition, the best marketers can react quickly to market conditions or consumers reactions. They also need to be flexible and approach every challenge without an ego. If you launch a campaign and it didn’t work, own up to it and admit there were mistakes. Figure out how to do better next time. Blaming other departments, people, or processes does not help. Take accountability for what you own “marketing/sales” and reflect on how you can improve. Communicate your concerns with the other departments and bring your ideas. This is where accountability and communication is very important. And lastly, as a marketing leader you can get pulled in so many directions. Become really good at prioritizing your workload and finding the right people who are passionate that you can delegate work to. Don’t try to do it all on your own or you will get burned out.
You were an All-American NCAA DIV I diver for Indiana University’s team. Are you still into diving?
I was, and this was a huge part of my life. Having 4-hour practices + weights while trying to get a bachelor degree is no easy task. It was a great way to build discipline, character and leadership skills. I am not tied to the diving community that much right now. I’ve got a family with two young boys that take a lot of my attention. I would love to give back and help coach in the near future though.
What would you rather dive into: a swimming pool of Jell-O or one filled with marshmallows?
I think every diver always thinks about a pool of Jell-O or pudding, or … I guess now marshmallows. The Jell-O idea is always an interesting one, but I would be kinda afraid I’d get stuck and could not get out. Plus, if you smack, WOW that is really going to hurt. The marshmallows sound like a better idea. Reminds me of a gymnastic foam pit. As long as it’s not too hot out or rainy … could cause a sticky situation.
What would you say you’re diving into these days? What’s something that you’re passionate about?
When I was younger, I was too busy with sports and school to think about other things. But now I am really into music. I play the drums and guitar. I also love landscaping and doing yard projects. If it involves creativity, building, or manual labor I typically love it! My family is really where my passion is and focus. I like to find unique fun experiences for us to go do, this is what I believe we will remember the most in life.
Any advice you’d give to someone who’s thinking of going into marketing?
Put your ego aside and be a humble, approachable person. You won’t hear some of the greatest ideas out there if you’re not an approachable person and open to hearing other people’s ideas. Take accountability and always admit when you made a mistake. Work hard and do more than what you get paid to do. It will pay off in the long run.
You can be humble and assertive at the same time. Which leads me to my next tip, you have to be able to make decisions, solve problems and execute in a timely manner. Companies don’t want a marketing executive that sits behind a desk and delegates everything out. You can plan a bunch of cool things out, but if you don’t execute it’s pointless.
Come alongside your employees, plan together, execute together, and celebrate together. Again, you can’t do it all yourself. My approach is learn the basics of a certain subject, then hire the right people who are passionate in that particular subject and can take it to the next level!
As a leader you will want to get really good at setting goals for your team. What are the three big objectives for the year? Then start to break down what you have to do as a team to achieve those things. Keep those goals on your board and create lists to diversify/prioritize the workload. In marketing you can get distracted really easily on all the flashy things … DON’T! Stick to your plan. Those are the things you should be focusing on every week.
A couple other traits … You should have an eye for what looks good and a passion for creative/design. You should also love technology and be curious about how you can use it to your advantage in marketing. YouTube can become your best friend in marketing. Get good at talking with others and networking … even if you’re a natural introvert like myself. Challenge yourself to reach out and meet people. Conversations connect to opportunities.
What activities do you like to do outside of work?
As much as marketing is all about technology, phones, social media, etc. I put that crap down when I get home — hahaha. To me it’s important to be present and available for my friends and family.
I love reading self-help books and the Bible app plans.
I also love just enjoying the peace of nature and taking things slow. Sometimes doing nothing is better for me than doing stuff all the time. However, I do love doing things — haha. I enjoy playing the drums or guitar, building things with my kids, playing board games, swimming, and any outdoor activity really.
I love taking my kids to the park, pool, zoo, or whatever unique experience we can come up with. It might even be right in our backyard, who knows. My kids have a crazy imagination. My wife is my rock, and she is always pushing me to be the best version of myself. So it’s nice for her and I to get some time together without the kids. Even if it’s just watching a good show on TV
Name: David Piercy
Age: 34
Title: Director of marketing and creative at American Landmaster, Columbia City
Degree: Bachelor degree in graphic design from Indiana University, Bloomington.
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