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Thanks to the game’s latest update this past February, The Sims Mobile players now have the ability to send and receive stickers. They give users the chance to get noticed while out and about or can be used to earn rewards based on what’s received from others in-game.
In order to get stickers to give out to other people, simply log into The Sims Mobile every day. You’ll get them just for showing up, plus the game will tell you how many your characters received the day before.
You may be asking what the point is in giving them out in the first place. You may have noticed that The Sims Mobile introduced a new daily task on your to-do list with its latest update, one that requires you to distribute adhesives in order to net you two Fashion Gems. These Gems can be used later on at Izzy’s Fashion Shop in order to purchase great outfits for your characters to wear, so the time you put into giving out stickers is definitely worth the investment.
You also get Fashion Gems based on how many stickers you receive from other players over the course of one week, meaning you’ll want to put yourself out there as much as possible in order to get the attention (and adhesives) you deserve.
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