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The 30 new achievements for XCOM: Enemy Within — the expansion for last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown — slipped out to Steam a couple of weeks ago, but only now have I noticed what they describe. From the list, we can assume that a Base Defence mission is returning to the series.
XCOM diehards lamented Enemy Unknown‘s lack of Base Defence — a mission type in which aliens land near XCOM HQ and invade it in an all-or-nothing fight where failure or abandonment means the end of the game. The achievement “All Hands on Deck,” earned with “at least 4 kills with XCOM Base Security personnel,” points to its return.
XCOM: Enemy Within will feature genetically modified soliders, mecha-troopers, new maps and a ton of new baddies, and when Firaxis unveiled it last month developers there said plenty more was due to be announced. I reached out to folks at the studio and 2K Games for any kind of word on this but, to be honest, I really don’t expect a response. They’ll confirm it with full fanfare sometime in the next month.
A human enemy faction also sounds like it’s going to be a part of Enemy Within; achievements for killing two enemy medics, or snipers and two mentioning a “new global threat,” would seem to point to this.
XCOM: Enemy Within will release for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 12.
XCOM: Enemy Within Achievements [Steam]
Nice, i loved defending bases back in the day
You only lost the game if you were stupid enough to only have one base.
I remember designing my base the right way and importing that so my original base was designed smart.
Essentially the 3 Hanger Bays where at the top and my Entrance was Left most grid, between Hanger and the rest of the base. 1 way in. Not 4.
This. Given that XCOM only has one base, and the placement issues @dknight1000 mentioned make me wonder what sort of impact this will have on strategic placement of structures in your base. Right now, the only consideration is stacking economy bonuses.
…So damn hype for this expansion.
If they’ve improved how inventory is equipped, & removed, then I may pick this up.
they did, there’s now a ‘remove all’ button that makes everyone currently not on the mission naked
I’ve got three game purchases left this year:
DayZ Standalone
Watch Dogs
and this!
I remember the old 80 item limit for base defence, basically only the first 80 items in your stores in alphabetical order would be available to equip your men for base defence. in my first encounter with this issue it was 80 pistol clips and no pistols.
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