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Star Wars: Uprising went through some pretty significant changes recently – most notable of which is the addition of “Force User” weapons and abilities.
Here we bring you some lesser known tips on how to keep yourself on the rise despite these disturbances in the force.

Save your holodiscs
Star Wars: Uprising has a new premium currency called holodiscs which can be redeemed for items in the Carbon Score Cantina in the Burnin Conn System.
Though you can come across these discs relatively easily by doing crew runs and non-faction daily opportunities, you won’t want to spend your holodiscs right away.
The lowest cost crate you can buy from the broker costs 5 holodiscs but will only grant you tier 1 items.
Diversify your crew
The new 2.0 update brings with it a new crew member type: espionage.
Espionage crew members are important to the management aspects of Uprising, so make sure you get some espionage types in your crew to make sure your off time can net you some rewards!

Go for drops
It’s hard to confirm this, as it’s not actually listed in the update notes for Uprising, but drop rates seem to be slightly better in version 2.0.
Of course, everyone is going for drops all the time in a game that centers on loot, but it’s nice to know that you might not have to sink quite as much time grinding to find the right piece of gear, right?
No crystal breakdown
One big feature request in Uprising was the ability to breakdown crystals.
A big chunk of your game time is spent collecting all forms of loot on all tier levels, so you’ll want to to collect and upgrade almost all of your gear, but it’s not always easy to earn the right level of crystals to upgrade them.
Alas, the 2.0 update still allows you to upgrade crystals so you can, in turn, upgrade your higher level gear, but it still doesn’t let you breakdown the high level crystals so you can upgrade lower level gear.
Sadly, that means you’ll just have to keep grinding on this front.
Were these “not the tips you were looking for?” Let us know your suggestions in the comments!
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