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There’s no lack of weapons and armor to equip on your Star Wars: Uprising character. You’ll find gear while on missions, grab it from the supply cranes and earn it as rewards. But that’s only the beginning, because you’ll need to level it up and upgrade your gear to make it the best it can possibly be.
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How can you do that? Let’s take it one step at a time.
All weapons and armor begin at level 1. The max level of any given piece of gear varies by the number of rarity stars it has (which can range from one to seven), but is always at least 10. To begin the leveling process, you’ll need both materials, which can be found in the cranes or as mission rewards, and a specific number of credits.
From your Inventory screen, simply tap on the piece of gear you want to upgrade. You’ll see its stats highlighted on the left side of the screen. Tapping the “Level Up” button at the bottom of the screen will automatically call up your current stock of materials.
Up to six materials can be used at one time; simply tap the ones you want to use and you’ll see them in the windows on the left-hand side. Materials of higher rarity (they can also be up to seven stars) will grant more XP to your weapon or armor.
Once everything is in place, you’ll see a button that says “Level Up” along with the number of credits you’ll need to spend. Tap that and you’ll see a screen that shows you exactly how your gear has improved.
Simple, right? Once your gear is at max level, you’re not done yet. With the proper components, you can upgrade it to increase its capabilities and give it a new max level.
While any materials will do for leveling gear, upgrading requires just the right elements. Specifically, you’ll need a max level weapon or armor piece, a good amount of credits (several thousand, at least) and special components called crystals. You can view the recipe of crystals needed at any time by highlighting the desired piece of gear in your Inventory and tapping on the picture that says “Next”on the left-hand side of the screen.
Crystals can be found in rarities up to six stars, and while they aren’t as common as materials, you’ll end up with a pretty big stick of them after playing for a while since they can only be used in the right types of recipes. In any case, once you’ve got everything you need to complete a recipe, the “Level Up” button will be replaced by “Upgrade.” Simply tap it and you’ll see the weapon or armor transformed into the next piece in its progression, complete with a new max level.
A few things to remember:
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