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The classic endless runner that has been being supported for over 10 years now, Subway Surfers, is looking to branch out into a new genre with the next title in the series; Subway Surfers Match. This match-3 puzzler will see you working your way through various puzzle levels alongside characters from Subway Surfers, and is now available for early access in Indonesia and the Philippines.
Everybody knows Subway Surfers. It’s been a mainstay on any mobile device since the old days of yore when games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja were topping the charts. Where those two mostly fell off of the pedestal once more expensive and big-budget mobile games began coming out, Subway Surfers has somehow remained the absolute king of endless runners. So, really, it’s no big surprise to see the developers want to take what is a very popular property and begin branching out a bit to appeal to other players who might enjoy different genres.
And that is exactly what they’ve done with Subway Surfers Match. If you’ve played titles like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, you know what you’re in for. The premise of Subway Surfers Match is identical in nature, just themed around the idea that you’ll be using the classic characters from the original game to spray paint art onto walls around the city, and you’ll do so by matching 3 icons in a grid until you reach the proper score. Of course, you can expect some mixes to that gameplay like bombs or blockers, but again, you know what you’re in for with this one.
Not that that is at all a bad thing, in fact this could be the next big match-3 hit. With a popular classic’s name on it, some pretty cool visuals and art style, and all of your favorite Subway Surfer characters, Subway Surfer Match is definitely one to try out if you’re a fan of match-3 puzzlers. If you’re looking to do so, you can download the early access client on Google Play and the App Store, if you’re in Indonesia or the Philippines. Those of us outside of those regions will have to wait for more news on a global release, but rest assured, it is certainly coming.


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