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Best zombie shooter ever
Brno, Czech republic (PRWEB)
MADFINGER Games enriches the gaming world with one of the most entertaining multiplayer shooters since Shadowgun: Deadzone, which even after many years, is still entertaining hundreds of thousands of hardcore gamers. In the spirit of the best traditions for a demanding gaming community, MADFINGER Games has prepared a brand new multiplayer mode, which adds a wide range of options, including five playable characters and well-developed skill tree system.
Each of the five characters in its default configuration is unique and differs significantly from the others. It means that from the very outset, players have a wide range of skills to choose their tactical focus. Add to this the 8 new gadgets and 12 new weapons, and PVP remains tactically diverse. In the near future, players will see further expansion of the PvP mode.
For the best possible experience, players can choose from many different types of weapons. With the new additions and updates to classic weapon systems such as the G36 Spec Ops or Mossberg 590 comes an improved system of categories into common, uncommon, rare and epic. Blueprints are available for all types of weapons as the player completes single player and multiplayer missions.
In addition to the obvious tactical advantages of gadgets, new types of grenades, turrets and ballistic shields also bring new more awesome levels of fun. Try adding some mayhem to the battlefield with an exact duplicate holo of your character!
The hugely popular single player campaign has been improved, adding much greater rewards for successful completion. Loot now comes in the form of three kinds of "treasure chests". The best ones (VIP chests) generate weapon parts, add-ons or DNA Blueprints for building your own zombie army.
Support for PvP tournaments includes a new weekly leaderboard on the Unkilled website ( The best players will regularly receive rewards. Considerable improvements have been made to the narrative missions.
In addition, players using iphone 6 and iphone 6s devices can now enjoy the use of 3D touch while playing.
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