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Android Apps & Games / The Sims Mobile Hits Android, Focuses On Player Choice
Electronic Arts and Maxis confirmed the global rollout of The Sims Mobile is officially completed as of today, having originally started Tuesday. The latest mobile life simulator is hence now available for download on Android and iOS devices free of charge and represents an entirely new entry in one of the world’s most popular game series. The Sims Mobile launched independently of The Sims FreePlay and other installments in the franchise, being the first mobile title based on The Sims 4.
While previous mobile games in the series were somewhat linear in regards to their progression mechanics, The Sims Mobile is said to be a much more free-flowing creation which places a lot more emphasis on player choice with the goal of delivering an experience that’s comparable to the one players are used to on PC and consoles. Deep character customization is part of the package, as are hundreds of items and objects you can use to make your digital household feel like home. EA and Maxis are also promising an unprecedented level of graphical fidelity, as well as a significantly broader range of environments that players can explore. The game still comes with a narrative component, albeit one that can be ignored almost entirely after you’re done with the initial tutorial section. As is the case with the vast majority of EA-published mobile games, The Sims Mobile is a free-to-play app monetized through optional in-app purchases and ads, though it lacks hard paywalls. Players who aren’t interested in spending any money on it should hence still expect a comprehensive experience, albeit one that’s best played in multiple shorter sessions throughout the day given how IAPs are primarily designed to speed up one’s progress.
Limited testing suggests The Sims Mobile isn’t any more aggressive in promoting its IAPs than something like SimCity BuildIt is and should consequently cater to a wide variety of mobile gamers. The title has also been specifically optimized for tablets and doesn’t come with robust software requirements, being compatible with the majority of devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and later versions of Google’s mobile operating system.
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