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It’s getting spooky around here.
Image via Sega
Mobile games Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash will get a Halloween surprise this year with the werehog rushing into the roster this October. No other details were given for what special abilities the werehog will have, but he should be able to mix things up in both of the popular mobile games with his unique abilities from the rest of the cast.
The werehog originally comes from the 2008 game Sonic Unleashed, in which Sonic turns into a beast at night after a series of unfortunate circumstances. Rather than the fast-paced nature of the day stages, the werehog sections are more of a beat-em-up with minor platforming elements. These sections are often criticized for slowing down the pace of Sonic Unleashed. He’s pretty sluggish in the game, so we don’t know if he’ll be a viable option in these mobile titles.
Furthermore, Sega announced that Super Sonic will be coming to Sonic Forces. The company said that you’ll be able to “fly down the track at fantastic speeds and smash through your opponent’s attacks in this invincible super form.”
Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces on iOS and Android are quite different games. The first is an endless runner in which you try to avoid enemies, traps, and obstacles. There is also the occasional boss fight. Sonic Forces, meanwhile, takes that endless runner and turns it into a competitive racing game. Both titles are very popular, with around 6 million reviews combined on Google Play alone.

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